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Learning to Code isn’t Easy

NEW PROGRAMMER:I pressed the gas pedal, the car accelerated and smashed into a wall.How can I stop that from happening again? EXPERIENCED PROGRAMMER:If you want the car to stop you need to use the brakes. NEW PROGRAMMER:OK. What are “the brakes”? EXPERIENCED PROGRAMMER:First, you need to read the documentation that comes with a car.Second, learn… Read More »

Web Browser Not Working

I had a network connection and internet access but couldn’t get online. None of my web browsers worked. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc… This happened because of malware or a virus. Here is a possible solution. click   Start in the box that reads “Search programs and files” Open a command prompt by typing: cmd… Read More »

White Screen Virus

The problem was, that when the computer was turned on and you logged into windows, there was a white screen with only the pointer icon showing. The mouse worked but you couldn’t see anything but a white screen. One solution is to start the computer in safe mode and run rstrui.exe which will start Windows,… Read More »

Learn HTML 5

Learning HTML is not difficult. Knowing it can help you with hosting a website. It’s very easy to build a basic website with HTML. Learning CSS along with HTML will give you the ability to create attractive sites that function well, and give your visitors a great user experience. Go to They have some… Read More »

New Yahoo Mail Sucks

To get back the previous version of yahoo mail: Once you are logged, you would have an url similar to the following: (the ## are different for each users and sessions) If you replace ‘launch? ..’, by ‘search’ as follow: You should get the older, working version.

Your web browser isn’t letting you get online.

None of your programs work. You keep getting a pop-up telling you that your computer has viruses and needs to be scanned. The pop-up has a link to the solution, and if you buy the product for $49, $79, $99, $199 or some other stupid amount of money, the virus will be removed. IT IS… Read More »

The Inside of your Computer is Disgusting

You don’t realize what kind of dirt has built up inside that computer. Over time your computer is exhausting heat from the system and sucking in cool air so things don’t overheat. The same dust that builds up on furniture is also getting pulled into the computer case. Eventually that dust begins to collect on… Read More »