The Inside of your Computer is Disgusting

By | September 26, 2013

You don’t realize what kind of dirt has built up
inside that computer.

Over time your computer is exhausting heat from the system
and sucking in cool air so things don’t overheat.

The same dust that builds up on furniture is also
getting pulled into the computer case.

Eventually that dust begins to collect on parts and it also
starts to clog the air holes that allow for ventilation.

Here are some extreme cases of build up.



This will slowly kill a computer.

When fixing computers I turn on the unit to see if it starts,
after that I open the case to see what’s inside.
Even if it doesn’t look that dirty I pull out my DataVac and
blow out all of the dust that has accumulated.

When you do this 3 – 4 times a year you probably won’t
have a computer that looks like the above pictures.

Do you have a laptop?

It is even more important to clean those more often. They get much hotter
than desktops, so they need that ventilation to be free and clear.

Following this simple procedure will add life to your computer
and help performance.

The compressor shown below is a great tool. Not only does it work on
computers, but it can be used for all of your electronics, refrigerators
AC units and anything that gets built up with dust and dirt.

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